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33 Worst Jobs for Introverts that cause Anxiety

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As an introvert, I always try to avoid activities that require me to interact with others face-to-face. Whether it’s a function at my college or a family gathering, I always dislike activities that require a lot of physical interaction.

Most introverts prefer to talk less, which is why they struggle to succeed in jobs that require more communication.

As a result, an introvert must be aware of the jobs that do not suit them and should avoid them if they want to live a happier life.

So below is a list of the worst jobs for introverts that cause anxiety.

Worst jobs for introverts that cause anxiety

To begin, why are these jobs labelled as the worst jobs for introverts? Because these 33 jobs require a person’s ability to interact with others.

Most introverts hate jobs that revolve around people, which is why I’ve listed these as the worst jobs for introverts.

However, keep in mind that these are not jobs that introverts are incapable of doing. Introverts can be successful in any of these jobs with a little effort and experience. So consider this article to be information-consuming rather than career-changing.

First, let us learn what exactly an introvert is.

What is an introvert?

An introvert is a person who prefers to be alone or stay in a less crowded environment.

What is an introvert?

However, this does not mean that an introvert is unfriendly.

it basically means that they are the type of people who prefer to be alone and have fun.

an introvert is not someone who is unfriendly, but rather someone who is afraid of talking to others.

Here is your list of worst jobs for introverts.

1. Teacher

Teaching, believe it or not, is one of the best jobs a person can choose to make his or her career meaningful.

Teachers are pathfinders for students who teach them great values and shape a nation’s future. That is why teachers have high respect in society.

However, the darker side of teaching is that it causes high anxiety.

You must be able to control the class, handle the anxiety and stress, and speak louder in front of a group of students.

An introvert who struggles to interact with others may not be a good fit as a teacher.

2. Recruiter

Recruiters are the professionals in charge of finding potential employees for their company.

Being a recruiter demands solid communication skills as well as the ability to manage people and match them with job duties. They may also be required to give presentations in front of a large group of people.

People who become uncomfortable when conversing with others or negotiating offers may struggle to show themselves as authorities.

3. Salesperson

Becoming a salesperson is one of the worst jobs for introverts which can cause them high anxiety.

A salesperson is someone whose job is to persuade potential consumers to buy a product.

Because selling includes talking to people, understanding them, and getting them to buy, becoming a salesperson can be a nightmare for you. It is a people’s profession. If you don’t understand people and aren’t excellent at persuading them, it may be tough for you to become a successful salesperson.

Furthermore, you will be obliged to meet targets and goals, which will undoubtedly add stress to your life. So, no, selling is not for introverts.

4. Hotel receptionist

Another job that I believe is one of the worst for an introvert is that of a hotel receptionist.

Hotel receptionist as one of the worst jobs for introverts

Hotel receptionists are the people in charge of checking in and checking out hotel guests. They also take on the responsibility of solving customers’ problems and acting as guides to them.

To work as a hotel receptionist, you must have excellent communication skills as well as the ability to handle several clients at once. You may also be asked to provide lengthy briefs to customers, which is why this position may not be suitable for an introvert.

5. Public speaker

Although some excellent public speakers are introverts, public speaking is not for everyone.

To become a successful public speaker, you must have experience speaking in front of large groups of people and must maintain your confidence no matter what happens. You should have good communication abilities that capture and engage the audience’s attention.

Most introverts feel nervous and anxious as soon as they step in front of a group of people. So no, public speaking is not the best job for introverts.

6. Customer service specialist

This is something that you might already know you hate doing. Talking to people and listening to their concerns. Now, I’m not saying that introverts hate helping people, it is just that they are less engaged in talking to people.

Your duty as a customer service representative will be to talk to customers, listen to their complaints, and address their problems. As a result, you must maintain continual contact with others, which can be stressful.

Because the entire job revolves around the customer’s concerns, this position requires patience, empathy, and excellent communication skills.

7. Flight attendant

It is considerably easier to interact with people who share the same interests, the same culture, and the same age as you. It is, however, more difficult to interact with people you have never met before and who have completely different interests.

As a flight attendant, you will be required to interact with passengers and provide them with anything they want. Introverts may fail to manage the stress caused by passengers.

8. Counsellor

A counsellor is someone who has been trained to listen to others and offer advice depending on their issues.

Counsellors work with people and groups to help them improve their mental health and achieve their goals.

Counsellors are supposed to be people who are good at understanding what others say and giving the right advice.

If you are not good at listening to others, understanding them, and giving advice, then not choosing to become a counsellor may be the best option for you.

9. Real Estate agent

Do you want to buy or sell a property? Real estate agents can assist you in meeting these requirements.

More than half of a real estate agent’s success is determined by the size of their network. To become a real estate agent, you must conduct property research, develop relationships with possible buyers and sellers, engage face-to-face with both sides, and negotiate deals.

Introverts may struggle to communicate with people and create connections to grow in their careers. As a result, it is not a good option for them.

10. Tour guide

Becoming a tour guide can be a fun job for extroverts as they love interacting with people. But for introverts, it can be a true nightmare.

Tour guides are the people who show visitors around places of interest. 

They guide them through their tour, show them new places, and provide relevant information about the place being visited.

An introvert who hates hanging out with people should not become a tour guide.

11. Ticket collector

As strange as it may sound, ticket collection is one of the worst jobs for introverts.

You will have to deal with daily passengers and listen to their issues while remaining polite and authoritative.

You may also encounter some impolite passengers who may cause you stress, but you’ll need to manage all of these situations politely.

Introverts may find it difficult to choose this type of work because it requires them to communicate with others on a daily basis.

12. Lawyer

Although being a lawyer might be a lucrative career option, it is not suitable for most introverts.

That is because, as a lawyer, you will have to communicate with your clients on a regular basis, either via phone or in person, investigate the matter, and speak with other parties to gain a better understanding of the case.

You will also have to work in a crowded courtyard. As a result, you’ll always be surrounded by people (something introverts hate). And every day, you will be presented with a new problem and will be expected to tackle it right away. 

Because so much of a lawyer’s employment revolves around people, it is not a good fit for introverts.

13. Restaurant server

Even though there isn’t much selling involved in this career, it is still a people’s job. 

To become a restaurant server you’ll need to interact with each customer while maintaining a good attitude.

Especially at peak times, you’ll need to be fast and try to satisfy each customer by bringing their ordered food quickly and listening to them.

That said, it all depends on the restaurant where you get the job. You’ll quickly become accustomed to the practice and interacting with customers. 

So yes, some introverts can still work in this field.

14. Actors

You can, of course, become an actor even if you are an introvert, but it will not be easy. 

Unfortunately for most introverts, becoming an actor is not a good career choice because it requires you to present yourself to a large group of people.

You will also be required to visit several big shows in order to maintain your public image and achieve success. That is why acting may not be a suitable fit for most introverts. 

Worst Jobs for introverts: Actor

That being said, if you are truly committed to becoming an actor and have confidence in your abilities, you can do so.

15. Babysitting

Without a doubt, babysitting is one of the worst jobs for introverts due to the low pay.

As a babysitter, your responsibility will be to look after the babies and children while their parents are gone. 

To ensure that everything is fine, you will need to be in frequent contact with the parents and interact with the babies.

Working as a babysitter and being paid less might be difficult for introverts. Furthermore, your clients’ annoying children can cause you a lot of stress. So, yeah, this is not the right job for introverts.

16. Marketing executives

As a marketing professional, your primary responsibility will be to act as a bridge between the brand and its customers.

You should have a thorough understanding of your customers and what they like and will have to lead a team and interact often with each side.

It may also force you to participate in a lot of outside activities, which can be stressful for introverts.

Although marketing can be a rewarding job that allows you to express your ideas and gain new skills, regular interaction with people might cause anxiety.

17. Travel agent/ tour planner

A travel agent or tour planner is someone who is in charge of planning a vacation for clients. 

They plan the destinations their clients must visit, the hotels where they will stay, and any other arrangements that the client requests.

Travel planning demands extensive networking and the building of a social circle of hotels, restaurants, and homestays.

18. Insurance broker

Another worst job for introverts is becoming an insurance broker.

Although every business must sell at some point, insurance brokerage is entirely about selling. 

You’ll need to contact potential customers and encourage them to purchase your insurance by providing a brief description of its benefits.

You’ll also need to stay in touch with your customers after you’ve sold them insurance.

Most introverts lack these skills because they are poor communicators, making it one of the worst career options for them.

19. Politicians

A politician

There’s no need for an explanation; you already know how important it is for a politician to engage with people. 

It is a job that revolves entirely around people, popularity, and opinions.

You will have to give speeches to large groups of people and get them to nod in agreement with your points of view.

Furthermore, you must be careful with what you say; a minor misinterpretation in your speech might cause a major uproar among the audience. And we introverts are experts at messing things up with whatever we say. So no, becoming a politician is not for introverts.

20. Stockbroker

This is one of the worst jobs for introverts that can cost you anxiety. 

To be a successful stockbroker you need to be confident, competitive, and willing to take risks.

You will need to call potential clients and persuade them to buy stocks. 

To make your argument to the other side, you may need to be aggressive and loud at times. This work requires a high level of stress.

21. Social worker

The name (social) itself suggests that introverts should stay away from this job.

You’ll have to interact with really vulnerable people, such as drug addicts and homeless people, and assist them in overcoming their problems. 

Challenging situations will be presented in front of you and you’ll have to solve them with carefulness.

This job requires compassion, empathy, and friendliness. It is one of the worst options an introvert can choose.

22. News reporter

As exciting as it may sound, working as a news reporter can be stressful. It all depends on the kind of job role you get.

You’ll have to conduct research, gather information from various sources, and present it to the general public.

Introverts may feel uneasy speaking in front of a camera (in the case of a news presenter).

News reporter - one of the worst jobs for introverts

23. Public relation expert

A public relations expert is someone who manages their client’s image in front of their customers. 

He or she uses different tactics to maintain the client’s image.

Celebrities, for example, pay public relations professionals to manage their public image.

To become a public relations expert, you must first understand what people want and what they like in order to build your strategy accordingly.

24. HR professional

HR “human resource” itself implies that it is a job role that requires a professional to make the best use of a company’s most valuable resource- humans.

People who struggle to engage with others may be unable to accomplish this job role because HR is all about managing people.

You’ll need to manage people, engage with them, motivate them, and deal with the stress they bring.

25. Driver

Being a driver is one of those jobs that does not require any special qualifications, and almost anyone may become one.

It is not, however, a suitable option for introverts because it forces you to engage in small talk with the passengers. 

You must be polite and listen to the passenger’s issues.

You may also need to bargain and establish pricing for passengers, which is not an introvert’s strong suit.

26. Health professionals

Although many individuals in the healthcare field are well compensated, becoming a healthcare professional is a difficult job.

As a healthcare professional, you will encounter patients suffering from life-threatening diseases, which can increase your anxiety.

To work in the healthcare profession, you must be confident and brave enough to witness tragedies.

People who find it difficult to deal with such issues should not pursue a career in healthcare.

27. Psychiatrist

Because of the lack of personal contact, the digital era has made even more individuals psychologically ill.

Physical and mental wellness are equally important. As a result, being a physiatrist may be a smart professional decision.

However, it is not a good option for introverts because you will be dealing with people who are mentally ill. 

You must listen to their worries and handle their difficulties as effectively as feasible.

A competent physicist must have outstanding communication skills, as well as the capacity to grasp what others are saying and lead them through their problems.

28. Mediator

Starting final proceedings in court can take months. In such circumstances, a mediator might assist in resolving the issues.

A mediator is someone who meets with both parties outside of court to try to resolve the issue or reach an agreement.

This is one of the worst possibilities for introverts because you will need to communicate with both sides, understand their issues, and persuade them to agree on a solution.

A mediator’s job, like that of a lawyer, is fast-paced and revolves around people.

29. Police officer

“With great power comes great responsibility”.

Becoming a police officer will give you a lot of power, but it will also come with a lot of responsibilities, such as ensuring the safety of your area and maintaining the law.

You may also be required to investigate a crime, visit multiple crime scenes, and interact with criminals, all of which can be stressful.

Furthermore, you may be requested to give extensive public lectures, which can be nerve-racking.

Introverts may have difficulty becoming good police officers.

30. Bartender

One of the interesting jobs that come with nightlife and grooving parties is that of a bartender.

Bartender as worst job for people with anxiety

Bartenders must be nice and polite with customers and ensure that they are satisfied with the service.

Being a bartender requires a thorough understanding of various types of drinks and how they are prepared.

Introverts may struggle as bartenders because it is a customer-focused job which may also make them nervous at work. 

Furthermore, it is a work that is primarily performed in a noisy atmosphere with other people around you.

31. Bank teller

Bank teller is one of the worst jobs for introverts because that can cause anxiety.

As a bank teller, your major responsibility will be to assist customers in converting checks to cash, opening accounts, or making new deposits.

It will demand extensive connection with existing account holders and customers in order to answer their questions and advise them.

Most introverts are poor communicators. That is why a career as a bank teller may not be suitable for them.

32. Singer/ dancer

Ok, this is true as hell; performing on a stage in front of a large number of people can be the worst thing an introvert is asked to do.

Anything that demands you to perform on a stage, whether singing or dancing, might trigger anxiety.

You should be brave enough to receive bad feedback from the audience and be booed for your performance.

If you can handle all of these, you may be able to become a singer or dancer; otherwise, you will have to say goodbye to this job.

33. Standup comedian

Standup comedians are people that engage with a group of audience and use their jokes to make them laugh.

It is a high-risk job in which a minor error in your joke might cause a huge controversy, leading to your failure. 

You’ll also need to remember all of your dialogues and prepare ahead of time for your performance.

People who get nervous when performing on stage may struggle to become standup comedians.

FAQs for worst jobs for introverts

What are the best jobs for introverts?

Here are the 9 best jobs for introverts

  • Writer
  • Social media manager
  • Web developer
  • Digital marketer
  • Architect
  • Graphic designer
  • Photographer
  • Artist
  • Librarian

What jobs do most introverts have?

Most introverts choose jobs that do not need them to communicate with a large number of people on a regular basis.

In general, introverts excel at tasks that involve less communication, such as designing and researching.

What jobs should introverts not do?

Most introverts hate the kind of environment where they are always surrounded by people, which is why introverts must not select these kinds of jobs.

Working in a crowded environment can cause anxiety which can lead to a lack of focus at work.

Conclusion: Are these the Worst Jobs for Introverts?

If you are an introvert and still wish to pursue one of these jobs as a career, you still can. Any introvert can choose and excel in one of these careers with some work and practice at being comfortable around people.

Introverts who do not wish to deal with others, on the other hand, should avoid these jobs. Not only introverts, but anyone who dislikes a particular type of job should avoid it.

If you wish to work in a job that does not involve a lot of physical interactions, you can start an online business. Online businesses are jobs that can be completed from home.

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