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29 ways to make $300 a day fast with low investment

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The online world has made it “easy peasy lemon squeezy” for everyone to make money.

In this post, I’m going to share with you the 29 best ways to make $300 a day fast.

These are the methods that are used by actual people.

So worry not, you’ll really make $300 a day.

Let’s go.

1. Write posts on Medium

Medium is a blogging platform with an existing community of readers.

You can write and publish blog posts on Medium for free and make money from it.

How to make $300 a day on Medium?

First of all, Medium is a free blogging platform. So you can do this with no investment.

Secondly, Medium has a community of existing audiences. So you don’t need to go and find readers for your blog posts.

There are the two best ways to make money on Medium:

1. Sing up for partner program – This means every time a premium reader reads your post, you’ll get a small commission.

2. Affiliate links – You can sign up for affiliate programs and promote products to the Medium community.

2. Become a virtual assistant

Businesses have tons of work to do, but not all companies can hire a person for each task.

Plus, hiring individuals for each task burn a lot of cash.

In such cases, businesses look for virtual assistants to do these works for them.

Make $300 a day by becoming a virtual assistant

What is a virtual assistant?

Virtual assistants are remote employees who offer administrative support to businesses.

They are often hired to complete small tasks.

How to become a virtual assistant?

Here are the steps to becoming a virtual assistant:

1. Define your skills – you must be proficient in some of the most common skills like computer proficiency, communication, management, etc.

2. Decide what services you’ll offer

3. Join freelance platforms and search for jobs

4. Start making money

3. Launch a restaurant directory

Ever experienced the problem of being unaware of the amazing restaurants in your neighbourhood?

If yes, a restaurant directory is a solution.

Restaurant directories are websites that list restaurants in any given area to help the neighbourhood people.

Restaurant directories can be a great way to make $300 a day.

Here are the best ways to monetize it:

  • Display ads
  • Run paid ads for promoting restaurants
  • Paid membership for customers

4. Camera rental business

With an increase in the number of people aspiring to be YouTubers and influencers, the demand for high-quality cameras is on the rise.

As a result, it is the best time for any beginner to start a camera rental business.

There are two ways to start this online business:

  • Start your own website listing all the cameras available in your area for rent.
  • Create a social media profile and start promoting your business there.

You can easily make $300 a day if you have a high-quality camera in your hand.

5. Create a SAAS product

Software as a service is the kind of business that will not only make $300 but has the potential to make millions for you.

These types of businesses do exactly what their name implies: they provide software services for a monthly or yearly fee. (Example: Hubspot)

Tip: If you are no good at coding but know how to market a product, you can still collaborate with a coder to create a SaaS business.

6.  Social media manager

Every company is nowadays attempting to incorporate social media into their business.

As a result, social media managers are in high demand.

If you enjoy using social media (which, of course, you do), becoming a social media manager can be a great way to make $300 while enjoying the work.

Jobs as a social media manager:

  • Oversee the company’s interaction with the public
  • Analyze the engagement data
  • Plan digital campaigns
  • Post new content

7. Start a meme page

Memes, oh, memes.

Everyone enjoys memes.

As a result, today, one of the best ways to make $300 fast is by creating a meme page.

Create a meme page to make $300 a day fast

To set up and grow your meme page successfully, you’ll need to do the following things:

  • Follow other memes to get ideas.
  • Make use of hashtags.
  • Engage your audience at all times.
  • Post frequently

Once you have your audience, you can monetize your meme page in many ways:

  • Selling shout-outs to other accounts
  • Sponsored posts
  • Selling your own products

8. Become a YouTuber

Though YouTube won’t make you any quick money, it is great to make $300 with no investment.

All you need to start a YouTube channel is:

A topic to talk on

An internet connection

A phone or a camera

And… That’s it. If you have these, you are good to become a YouTuber.

The two best ways to make money from your YouTube channel are:

  • Promoting products and adding affiliate links
  • Applying for YouTube Adsense

9. Sell online courses

Hmm… I see you’ve got some expertise in a subject.

You can make money from it as well.

How? Sell online courses.

Many people who are experts in a particular skill use this method to make hundreds of dollars each day.

All they do is take a phone or a camera, choose their platform, and record the course.

Platforms like Udemy and Coursera make it easy for anyone to upload their course and market it to an existing community of learners.

Sell online courses

10. Invest in stocks

Stocks are another great way of making $300 a day fast.

Apps like Zerodha let you create a trading account and start investing in it.

However, in order to make $300 a day you’ll need to invest a higher amount which can be riskier.

If you have the expertise and know how to deal with stocks, this can be the best idea for you.

11. Sell ebooks

Around 1 billion people read ebooks as of 2022.

Which makes it the perfect time for you to make money by selling ebooks online.

All you need to do is:

Write an ebook .

Find a platform to list it on (or create your own website).

Promote it.

And you can earn money from it whenever someone buys it.

Your ebook business will almost become an automated process once it starts getting traction.

Amazon’s Kindle is one of the best platforms to list your ebooks on.

12. Freelance writing

You write well hah? Become a freelance writer.

Even today, more than half of the content presented on a website is written content.

Which makes this skill extremely valuable.

Your job as a freelance writer will be to simply write content for your clients.

If you are already good at writing content, you can become a freelance writer today.

If not, you can always learn this skill.

Once you become a well-known freelance writer in your niche, you can set your price as you want.

13. Join Amazon Merch on Demand

Ok, this one, is, just, awesome!

You can literally make $300 from home in a day with no investment. That too by selling on Amazon.

Here’s the deal:

Amazon offers a Print on Demand service where you simply have to upload your artwork and choose your product.

Amazon will list that product on their website.

When customers buy that product, Amazon will produce it and ship it to the customer.

The best part? You’ll earn money just for uploading a design for the product.

How it works:

  • Sign up for Amazon Merch here
  • Fill in all your details
  • Amazon will review your registration and let you know if it is accepted
  • If accepted, you’ll get access to Amazon Merch
  • Create designs and upload your artwork on products
  • Promote those products
  • Earn commission every time someone makes a purchase.
Sell on merch by Amazon

14. Become a Copywriter

Have you ever read an ad copy that made you go “wow?” If so, that is the work of a copywriter.

Copywriting is the process of writing content for the purpose of selling.

Simply put, they are like salespeople behind the screen.

It is one of the most profitable skills and can earn you loads of money.

To get your copywriting business to work, you should first learn the craft of selling with your words. Only then can you become a good copywriter.

15. Sell your photos

For folks who are passionate about photography – this one is for you.

If you love clicking photos and have a collection of beautiful images worth sharing, you can easily make $300 from them.

All you need to do is submit your photos to platforms like Shutterstock and iStock, and you’ll earn a commission on every sale generated by the photo.

16. Flip the domain

One of the easiest yet hardest ways to make $300 fast is to flip the domain names.

Domain names are the names that identify a website, such as

And domain flipping is the process of purchasing domain names and then selling them for a profit.

However, it is not as simple as it sounds; you will need to research high-value domain names and purchase them for a lower price than you intend to sell them for.

If done right, domain flipping can make you thousands of dollars easily. If not, it will waste your time and money easily.

You can even become a domain broker for a better online business that requires a lower investment.

Domain brokers are individual who helps find domain name owners for interested buyers.

You will get a commission once the transaction between the buyer and owner gets completed.

17. Start your own blog

Starting a blog is one of the best ways to make $300 a day.

All you have to do is:

  • Choose a blogging platform
  • Choose a domain name
  • And, choose your web hosting

Once done, you can easily set up your blog and start growing it to make hundreds of dollars each day.

Wanna know what are the best ways to make money from your blog? Here are some:

  • Run display ads
  • Use affiliate links
  • Include paid membership
  • Sell online courses and ebooks
  • Sell your own products
  • Sponsored posts

And many more.

18. Book review website

I see you are an avid reader.

Well, then why don’t you start a book review website?

You see, books are time-consuming products.

That is why every reader does his/her best to ensure that the book they choose is worth reading.

This is where online book reviews come in.

Book review websites post reviews on books their audiences are interested in and want to read about.

The best ways to make money from this website are:

  • Displaying ads
  • Collaborating with a publisher to promote their books
  • Adding affiliate links to the books you review

19. Start an e-commerce store

Not only $300, but if done right, an e-commerce store can make you millions.

You can start and run your business on any well-known platform, such as Amazon or eCommerce, and start earning money from it.

The process of building your e-commerce business will go something like this:

  • Choosing a product to sell
  • Researching the market
  • Planning how to obtain the product
  • Setting up a store
  • Listing your product
  • Marketing it

20. Earn $300 a day fast with crypto

Cryptocurrency is like a rollercoaster – sometimes goes up, other times down.

And yet it is one of the best ways to make $300 a day.

Once you get the basics right, you can then enter into the deep sea of cryptocurrency to make money.

However, just like stock trading, a higher profit will require a higher investment which means a higher risk.

So be careful when playing with it.

21. Become a micro-influencer

It is difficult to become a big influencer.

That is why becoming a micro-influencer is a better online business idea.

Micro-influencers are influencers whose content focuses on a single niche.

After establishing a community of people who share your niche’s interests, you can easily monetize it in many ways.

Some common ways are:

  • Selling your own products
  • Paid advertising
  • Affiliate promotion

22. Become an SEO freelancer

SEO is one of the most lucrative services available online which can make you $300 a day really fast.

It is the process of improving a website’s performance in search engines.

Because SEO is a complex skill, most businesses cannot handle it on their own. However, a higher ranking for a website is a must. As a result, these businesses hire SEO experts to do the work for them.

You can learn the skill practically by creating your own website and applying SEO practices to improve its ranking.

23. Sell handmade products

Are you looking for an aesthetic idea? If yes, here is the perfect idea for you.

People nowadays prefer to buy handcrafted items.

You can take advantage of this opportunity by launching a business that creates and sells beautiful handmade products.

Many people, particularly on Instagram, have started this type of business and earned good money from it.

24. A blog management service

Because blogs are one of the most closely linked types of content to making a sale, most businesses love blogs.

However, blogging requires more than just writing a post.

It demands proper structure, design, SEO optimization, updating, and tracking results.

Most businesses lack the time to devote to blogging, still, they do not want to miss out on this opportunity.

In such cases, they seek the services of blog management experts.

Blog management typically includes every service to properly maintain a blog.

25. Get paid to test apps

Another great way to make some quick dollars is by getting paid to test apps.

Sites like Usertesting lets you do this.

Once accepted to the platform, you’ll be able to make money by testing apps.

All you have to do is test the apps.

You’ll be paid on your thoughts about how well the app worked and the drawbacks.

26. Take surveys

Yeah, yeah. I know surveys are not the best ways to make $300 a day.

However, they are the best to make some dollars fast.

And speaking of scams, then there are some legitimate platforms like Swagbucks that actually pay you for your surveys.

In fact, some platforms might even pay you more than expected.

So yes, you must give surveys a try.

27. Start your own podcast

Start your own podcast

Only a few people knew what podcasts were ten years ago. But everything has changed today.

According to statistics, one-third of the American population listens to podcasts regularly.

So believe me when I say podcasts are the future.

Plus, podcasting doesn’t demand much.

A topic to talk about, a microphone, and a platform to stream it on are what’s only needed.

And yes, podcasts make money.

Here are some of the best ways to monetize your podcast:

  • Brand sponsorships
  • Paid content for paid members
  • Affiliate links

28. Editor and proofreader

Every writer makes mistakes, and they can’t identify each one individually.

For such problems, businesses hire professional editors whose sole responsibility is to identify and correct errors.

So if you are fluent in English and understand its nuances, you are qualified to work as a professional editor and start making money from it today.

To get assistance, you can also use tools like Grammarly, which will do half of the work for you and leave you with only a few complex problems to solve on your own.

29. Help with homework

If you are an expert in a subject and believe you can help others, this is the idea for you.

Numerous online platforms provide the opportunity to tutor and assist students with their homework.

This can be a great way to make a side income.

Conclusion: Now, can you make $300 a day fast?

So these were some ways you can make $300 a day fast.

Comment below which among these was your favourite idea. Which one will you apply for?


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