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200+ lifestyle blog post ideas to kickstart your blog

Lifestyle blog post ideas

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So you’ve started a lifestyle blog and are looking for blog post ideas?

Well, I’ve got you covered.

In this post, I am going to share 200+ lifestyle blog post ideas that’ll help you kickstart your blog.

So let’s begin.

What is a lifestyle blog?

Ever visited a website that published blog posts in more than one niche? Well, that’s a lifestyle blog, in a nutshell.

A lifestyle blog is a platform where the author writes about their life experiences and personal interests to share them with their readers.

However, it is important to remember that a lifestyle blog is NOT a personal blog.

A personal blog is like a daily journal where the authors try to create an emotional attachment with their readers by sharing their personal stories.

Lifestyle blogs, on the other hand, share topics that readers are interested in.

A simple explanation of this:

  • Personal blogs – the content mainly focuses on the author’s life.
  • Lifestyle blogs – the content mainly focuses on what the readers like.

Best lifestyle blog examples

First, let’s share some lifestyle blog examples to understand how things work here.

1. Primermagzine

To all the boys out there – this one is for you😉.

Primer is a one-of-a-kind secret manual for men looking to improve their lifestyles.

These individuals delve deeply into issues that men in their twenties face, such as career success and personal wellness, and discuss them on their blogs.

2. Goop

Here’s another well-known lifestyle blog.

This blog discusses popular blog topics like fashion, food, and beauty.

Started in 2008, this blog has since been featured on top sites like The New York Times and Vogue.

3. Wit & Delight

“Designing a life well-lived”.

W&D is a lifestyle blog followed by women in various stages of adulting.

It talks about various lifestyle blog categories such as decor, Fashion, Health & Wellness, Relationships & Parenting, Travel & Leisure, Careers, Beauty, Food & Entertaining.

4. A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess is a lifestyle blog founded by sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman.

They are experts in trying different crafting ideas, hairstyles, home decor, food recipes, and making jewellery with an emphasis on easily triable from-home ideas.

Their motto is to stay home and make something that inspires you to do just that.

5. The Blonde Abroad

Do you love travelling? If yes, this one is for you.

The Blonde Abroad is an award-winning solo female travel blog featuring travel tips, packing guides, videos and photography from around the world.

Run by Kiki, a California native who left her corporate career to travel the world, it is one of the best blogs for learning about the various places of the world.

Lifestyle blog categories

Before we dive into the list of lifestyle blog post ideas, first let’s get clear about the various categories of lifestyle blogs.

Here is a list of lifestyle blog categories you can add to your blog.

  • Fashion & style
  • Personal lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Health & wellness
  • Food & drink
  • Family & Parenting
  • Personal development
  • Interior design & decorating
  • Finance
  • Hair & beauty

We’ll go over lifestyle blog post ideas for each category separately here.

So let’s dive right in.

Lifestyle blog post ideas

Here’s your list – enjoy!

Blog post ideas for fashion and style

Lifestyle blog post ideas for fashion blog
  1. Outfit of the day (OOTD)
  2. Fashion hacks
  3. Top Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter
  4. Top fashion brands
  5. How To Look Like [Name of Celebrity]
  6. Outfit ideas for certain occasions (ex: Christmas)
  7. What [Name of Celebrity] Wore
  8. Day-to-Night Outfits on a Budget
  9. Day in the life of a fashion blogger
  10. Why I became a fashion blogger
  11. Your wardrobe collection
  12. Promo Codes For Top Fashion Brands
  13. Office outfits
  14. How to organize your wardrobe
  15. News and events in the fashion industry
  16. Casual clothing
  17. DIY fashion
  18. Fashion trends you are loving this year
  19. How to build a capsule wardrobe
  20. Your favourite fashion books, magazines, films & TV shows

Personal lifestyle blog post ideas

Personal lifestyle
  1. List your life goals for the future
  2. Your learnings from the past
  3. Why you became a blogger?
  4. Your advice to your younger self
  5. What are your favourite things (books, shows, etc.)?
  6. Best purchases of the month
  7. Changes in life
  8. What are your daily experiences?
  9. How to be productive?
  10. What are your most epic failures?
  11. What are your other passions and hobbies?
  12. Your secrets
  13. Open letter to your future self
  14. Interesting facts about you
  15. What do you do when you are free?
  16. How good is your relationship with your loved ones?
  17. What has been your greatest success in life?
  18. What does a typical day in your life look like?
  19. What things make you happy?
  20. What you don’t like about yourself?

Travel blog post ideas

Lifestyle blog post ideas for travel blog
  1. What are your favourite trips?
  2. Best travel outfits
  3. Lessons learned from your travel trip
  4. Your travel bucket list
  5. How to socialize when travelling
  6. [List] facts about [your travel destination] you didn’t know
  7. How to plan a trip
  8. Travel essentials
  9. Things to remember when travelling
  10. Things to do in [city name]
  11. Best travel quotes
  12. Tips for travelling on a budget
  13. Photography tips for your next trip
  14. What to pack for an X vacation
  15. Best apps/websites for booking flights
  16. Advice for solo travellers
  17. Mistakes to avoid when travelling
  18. How to stay healthy while travelling
  19. Best places to visit in [place name]
  20. Best destinations for solo/couples/families/friends/etc

Health and wellness blog post ideas

Health and wellness blog
  1. 30-day clean eating challenge
  2. What is your daily fitness routine?
  3. Things to do for staying fit
  4. Workout routine
  5. Your favourite healthy recipes
  6. Early morning routines
  7. Simple exercises to do at your home
  8. Health product reviews
  9. Some of the best health advice
  10. Budget-friendly healthy food tips
  11. Current health trends and how to follow them
  12. Best health-related [books, videos, shows, etc]
  13. 20 tips to reduce stress in life
  14. Meditation tips
  15. 10 healthy foods to eat regularly
  16. Healthy diet plan you wish to follow
  17. Popular myths about certain things related to health
  18. A day in your life (living a healthy lifestyle)
  19. How to maintain your sleep hygiene
  20. Some popular do’s and don’ts

Food & Drink lifestyle blog post ideas

Food blog
  1. Top [list] food bloggers to follow
  2. How to cook [recipe name]
  3. [List] kitchen storage tips
  4. How to plan meals: a guide for the budget-conscious
  5. [List] cooking tips for beginners
  6. Restuarant reviews
  7. Grocery shopping guide
  8. How to take food photos like a pro
  9. Best apps and websites for foodies
  10. Best keto/vegan/gluten free/specific diet recipes
  11. Your favourite cheat meals
  12. Seasonal Dish Ideas for Every Holiday
  13. Share a quick baking/cooking tip
  14. Interview a fellow blogger, baker or cook
  15. Participate in a food challenge or charity event and write about it
  16. Try a difficult recipe/technique you’ve always wanted to try and write about it
  17. kitchen makeover ideas
  18. Your favourite food and why you love it
  19. Must-have items in your kitchen
  20. How to save money eating out

Family & parenting blog post ideas

Family and parenting lifestyle blog post ideas
  1. Tips for talking to your teenager
  2. Things you wish you knew as a new mom
  3. Dating mistakes you must avoid
  4. Ideas for family days
  5. Best advice for healthy relationships
  6. How to make time for family
  7. First-date ideas and tips
  8. Tips for a long-distance relationship
  9. How to approach new people
  10. [List] ways to deal with a breakup
  11. [List] gift ideas for your partner
  12. How to say no to someone in the nicest way possible
  13. Tips for pregnant women
  14. Tips for raising a child
  15. Mistakes to avoid as a parent
  16. How to make time for “me time”
  17. Housekeeping hacks
  18. Advice for a happy family
  19. Tips for working moms
  20. Life lessons I’ve learned from being a parent

Personal development blog post ideas

Personal development lifestyle blog post ideas
  1. How to reach your personal goals?
  2. Top 20 list feel-good activities
  3. Inspirational TEDtalks you need to watch
  4. How to not be lazy
  5. Personal development books to read
  6. How to form a habit
  7. [List] personal development goals to live a better life
  8. 5 ways to stay productive all the time
  9. How to be happy
  10. The ultimate guide to meditation
  11. How to deal with stress
  12. 7 ways to boost your self-confidence
  13. 5 habits of successful people
  14. How to control your mind
  15. The 80/20 rule in life
  16. How to stop procrastinating
  17. How to stay positive in every situation
  18. How to practice self-care
  19. Practice self-discipline
  20. 10 tips for improving your life

Interior design & decorating lifestyle blog post ideas

Interior design blogs
  1. DIY holiday decor (ex: Halloween)
  2. Small space decor ideas
  3. Best time to plan an interior design project
  4. Review a local interiors store
  5. Popular home decor trends of the season
  6. Behind the scenes of your latest project
  7. What’s your design process?
  8. Free resources for interior designing
  9. Ways to earn more in the home decor industry
  10. Most inspirational interior design blogs
  11. Guide readers through a tour of your own house
  12. How to be a minimalist
  13. Cleaning hacks
  14. How to choose a design theme for your home
  15. Interview an interior designer
  16. How to paint a furniture
  17. How to make the decor look expensive on a budget
  18. Your favourite home decors Instagram accounts
  19. Tips for surviving a home renovation
  20. Home office decor ideas

Finances blog post ideas

Finance blog
  1. Tips for saving money
  2. How to plan monthly expenses
  3. Free apps to track your budget
  4. Top money-saving apps
  5. List of side hustles to make extra cash from home
  6. Money lessons you’ve learned the hard way
  7. How to plan for your retirement
  8. Ways to save money on your groceries
  9. The pros and cons of credit cards
  10. Planning and creating funds for your vacation
  11. Best finance blogs to follow
  12. Planning your emergency fund
  13. How to get out of debt faster
  14. Budgeting mistakes to avoid
  15. How to set financial goals in the right way
  16. Tax tips that could save you thousands
  17. How to improve your credit score
  18. Three things you didn’t know about saving money
  19. Finance hacks
  20. How to create a portfolio for the long run

Hair & beauty lifestyle blog post ideas

Hair and beauty blog
  1. The ultimate makeup guide (with an infographic)
  2. Best skincare routine you must follow
  3. Top 10 skincare brands you must try
  4. Things you should be doing right now for glowing skin
  5. Best hair products
  6. How to style your hair for X occasion
  7. Beauty hacks
  8. How to take care of your eyebrows
  9. Top beauty trends you must be following
  10. Hair dyeing rules you must know
  11. 7 ways to make your perfume last longer
  12. My favourite hair extensions
  13. Tips for brightening your teeth
  14. Beauty products that I regret using
  15. How to apply (nail product) by yourself
  16. Anti-aging
  17. A beginner’s guide to natural skincare
  18. Tips for people with (oily, itchy, dry) skins
  19. Quick and easy makeup routines
  20. X DIY beauty recipes with ingredients in your kitchen

Lifestyle blog post-type ideas

Though I’ve labelled this section “lifestyle” blog post types, you can apply them to any niche.

1. How-to posts

Example: How to take care of your eyebrows

These are one of the most basic types of blog posts that teach readers how to do something.

2. The listicles

Example: Top 20 food bloggers to follow

These are the kinds of blog posts that readers enjoy the most.

In listicles, the author researches and compiles a list to share with their audience.

3. The ‘what’ posts

Example: What is your daily fitness routine?

In this format, the author tries to educate the audience on a specific topic.

It is commonly regarded as an introductory post.

4. The ‘why’ posts

Example: Why is meditation important for the peace of our mind?

These articles explain why something is the way it is.

5. The interview posts

Example: Tactics ‘The blonde aborad’ used to grow her blog following.

These posts are an excellent way to generate new content with a unique perspective.

An interview post is created when an author interviews an industry expert and then writes a blog post about it.

6. The infographic posts


Readers love infographic posts.

An infographic post is a format where the author uploads visual content to give an easy-to-understand overview of the content.

7. The comparison posts

Example: Skincare brand A vs skincare brand B, which one to use?

Readers are frequently confused as to which products to select. A comparison post compares two products that readers are interested in and concludes which one is the best.

8. The news posts

Example: Vogue brings out the list of 10 best fashion bloggers – Whom should you follow?

Here the author shares popular news stories of their industry with the readers.

9. FAQs posts

Example: 25 most asked questions about the Keto diet

You can also write a blog post where you answer the most asked questions of your industry.

10. The ‘wish I had known’ posts

Example: 17 things I wish I had known as a new mom

You can share a list of things you didn’t know as a beginner but wish you had known.

11. The ‘mistakes to avoid’ posts

Example: 9 mistakes to avoid as a new parent

Under this post format, you make readers aware of the mistakes they must avoid.

12. The ‘lessons learned’ posts

Example: 19 lessons I’ve learned from being a healthcare professional.

Here you share the lessons you’ve learned.

13. The do’s and don’ts posts

Example: Do’s and don’ts of blogging

Under this format, you share a list of things to do and not do.

14. The ‘behind the scenes posts’

Example: Behind the scenes of my latest interior design project.

Your readers would love to get a BTS of your work. By uploading the BTS of your content you gain a deeper connection with the readers while educating them.

15. The case study posts

Example: How Mukesh gained 100,000 email subscribers in just one month after using [service]

Social proof works best when it comes to acquiring customers.

By writing case studies on how your product/service helped your client achieve success, you provide proof to the readers and thereby bringing in more customers.

16. The review posts

Example: [product] review, should you use it or not?

You can even write reviews on the products in your industry and earn money from them.

17. The resource posts

Example: 39 must-have tools for bloggers.

Under this format, you’ll need to compile a list of useful resources for your readers and share them in your blog post.

18. Beginner guides

Example: A beginner’s guide to starting a blog.

These are the most useful post formats for acquiring a new audience.

In this format, you write a long blog post explaining each step as simple as possible.

19. The guest posts


When another blogger writes a post for your blog, it is known as a guest post.

20.The stats and data posts

Example: 51 Pinterest statistics you must know

The author researches and shares the data and Statics about a particular subject in which the readers have an interest.

Since these types of posts share data on a particular subject, they are very insightful for the readers.

How to get lifestyle blog post content ideas

You are not limited to this list for blog post ideas; you can get more content ideas for free.

All you have to do is follow this section and learn the 4 ways to get more free content ideas for the lifestyle blog.

1. The Google search bar

What better place to look for content ideas than the Google search bar?

You can get thousands of content ideas for your lifestyle blog just by typing your main keyword in the search bar.

Step 1: Type your main keyword (for example: making money)

Step 2: On typing your main keywords you’ll get a list of the most searched phrases related to your main keyword.

You can get more ideas by adding a letter after your main keyword.

2. Google ‘people search for’

Google doesn’t limit your content ideas to its search bar; you can get more ideas from Google’s people also search for sections as well.

After you’ve searched for your main keyword, scroll down the results page to see a list of additional content ideas from the ‘people also search for’ section.

3. Use Answer the Public

Answer the public is a free tool that brings out a list of the most-asked questions around your main keyword.

Type your main keyword, select your country, and boom! You’ll get tons of content ideas for your lifestyle blog.

4. Sneak into your competitor’s blog

So you have a strong competitor? What if I told you that your competitor can also provide you with thousands of blog post ideas?

Yes, it’s true.

Simply go to Ubersuggest (a free tool) and enter your competitor’s domain name into the search bar.

When you press the search button, the tool will generate a list of keywords used by your competitors to write blog posts.

Make sure you can rank for these searches

Once you’ve got a list of blog post ideas, you’ll then need to analyse each keyword separately to make sure you can rank for it in the SERP.

Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Type the keyword you need to write blog posts on (prefer long-tail keywords)

Step 2: Check the difficulty of the keyword. If the blog posts ranking for the search are from higher authority websites, your chances of ranking for it will be lower.

Step 3: Analyze the top results separately to get an overview of the content.

Step 4: Write a well-optimized blog post.

FAQs for lifestyle blog post ideas

Is a lifestyle blog successful?

Short answer: Yes.

Lifestyle blogs are among the most widely read blogs on the internet, covering a wide range of topics.

If played your cards well, your lifestyle blog can turn out to be a massive success.

However, you must limit yourself to a maximum of three niches because people will not visit a blog that talks about anything and everything.

What type of blog is most profitable?

Although lifestyle bloggers can write about any topic, it is critical to focus on a few niches as your primary topics.

Here’s a list of the most profitable niches:

  1. Digital marketing
  2. Making money online
  3. Food and recipes
  4. Personal Finance
  5. Personal development
  6. Fashion

What should I write in my lifestyle blog?

Starting a lifestyle blog is one of the most effective ways to express yourself to the rest of the world. From sharing your life experiences to teaching people, you can write about anything you like.

Here are the most popular topics of a lifestyle blog:

  • Family & pareParentinghion
  • Health and wellness
  • Food & recipe
  • Travel
  • Personal development
  • Finance


So this was the complete list of blog post ideas for your lifestyle blog.

Which topics are you going to write about? Comment it down.


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